Sunday, August 16, 2009

Seager Legacy 1.7

When we last left off Abigail had just moved out with her new husband Ralph Lobos. We had an heir poll, for curiosities sake and it was tied between Ariel & Ainsley.

Evelyn decides that she isn't getting any younger and she really doesn't want to live alone (with 5 of her kids) any longer. She invites over Jebidiah.

They have a private wedding next to the chess table while the kids are at school. Their first day as a married couple they both got promoted. Evelyn to Flight Officer & Jebidiah to Trauma Surgeon.

Adrian calls her best friend Owen Lobos over to hang out.

Downstairs Alex is trying to cook Mac 'n' Cheese for the first time. Completely oblivious to the fact that the stove is completely on fire.

Once he realizes it he walks away before lighting on fire, right as Andrew walks into the path of fire. I began to worry a little bit. Abby has always been the family firefighter and now she's moved out.

Thankfully Alex has taken up the reins and puts out his own fire. Adrian is completely oblivious to the whole thing.

Adrian hears the doorbell ring (over the fire alarm she's ignoring) and runs to greet her best friend Owen.

While indoors Ariel sets the stove on fire for the second time in an hour.

Thankfully Alex hadn't left the room and quickly put that fire out aswell.

While all this was going on I heard the woohoo music and realized that sims can autonomously woohoo now. That's great!

Ainsley the Virtuoso picked up the guitar and was instantly level 3 thanks to her playing with the xylophone in her toddler years.

The next day it was time for another double birthday.

Evelyn aged into very bad hair.

We quickly fixed that though and she still looks beautiful, just older.

My beautiful Alex grew up too. Alex is a Vegetarian (seriously after my own heart). So he's an Absent-Minded Genius Vegetarian Daredevil who Loves the Outdoors. And I can honestly say that if I had not chose to do a Matriarchy he would be heir HANDS DOWN. I will miss him.

Close up, he didn't actually need a makeover. His LTW is to be a Creature-Robot Cross-breeder.

Andrew, meanwhile, is making good progress with Edith Henderson. They share their first kiss.

And she agrees to be his girlfriend, much to Andrew's delight.

Now that Alex is a man he felt it was his duty to bond a little bit with his step-father. None of the kids prior to this had paid any attention to Jebidiah.

After his chess game Alex called over his teenage girlfriend Kasey.

Once he is there Alex wastes no time and proposes to Kasey.

She is shocked. She thought that no one would propose to her now that she was middle aged (seriously she went from teenager to Adult, skipping YA all together, not that I knew that yet)

Of course she accepted, who wouldn't?

They had a private wedding right then and there. Kasey is Family-Oriented, Frugal, Kleptomaniac, Slob & Vegetarian (she was missing a trait so I added Vegetarian).

Alex got a job in the science career path.

Kasey got a career in the criminal path (her LTW is to be a master thief).

Once they were settled in their new jobs Alex and Kasey bought this starter home and moved out.

Evelyn decided to try replicating food for the first time.

The machine spit out delicious-looking waffles.

That spoilt almost immediately. Unfortunately I didn't catch it fast enough so Evelyn was nauseous for a while.

Edith has some serious hygeine problems, the last few times she's been over she's had stink clouds.

Adrian decided she wanted to visit the graveyard, since Ariel wanted to see a ghost and catch a bug I sent them to the graveyard together.

It didn't take long for Ariel to spot a few moths fluttering around the Mausoleum.


Adrian went home before curfew but Ariel stuck around to meet a ghost. Somehow I lost the picture but shortly after midnight she met the ghost of Grizelda Tamelpan and made it home without being caught by the police.

Jebidiah and Evelyn hardly ever see each other anymore. Evelyn works all day and Jeb works all night. Evelyn got promoted to Wing Woman and gets a fancy hat.

I made sure that the girls came straight home after school and did their homework right away.

After her homework was done Ainsley called over her friend from school Marvin Boucher.

I nipped into Buy Mode and he's really quite cute.

They gossiped about Alex getting fired.

I'm not sure what we did to our mailperson but he throws the mail on the ground and huffs and puffs waiting for a fight.

Evelyn still spends all her free time working on her lifetime wish.

The next day none of the triplets came home from school. I got no message saying they went to a friends so I went looking and found them all sat outside the school doing their homework.

As soon as she was done her homework Ariel took off running, I wondered where to so I followed her.

She went to the gym. Not to work out mind you, but to watch TV.

Ainsley also needed some fun after her homework so she sat on a bench and read a book.

Adrian hung out in the children's playground reminding me of Ally Sheedy.

Andrew hadn't come home from school either, he went over to Al Crosby's house. A one bedroom trailer with 4 people living in it.

I think Andrew may have to set Al up with one of his sisters.

I love that in the Sims 3 teens can interact with the playground equipment because really I played on playgrounds as a teen, usually drunk, but let's not get into that.

I had Adrian call over her friend Freddie Broke to see if he was marriage material, but he is not. I'm sorry just not.

I didn't realize that ghosts could just go roaming around until I saw Jon by the neighbours pool. I'm missing a picture here of the neighbour family standing in front of their house at 1:30 in the morning, but that's when the Bagley-Caspian family decided to move.

Right after the neighbours left Jon stole this car from someone and took off. Of course I followed him.

He went to the vacant lots where homeless sims live.

Back at the house Jebidiah decided to read "The Secrets of Rock Legends".

Seeing as he is a Doctor, not a Rock Star I make him read his reasearch for work instead.

Even if they rarely see each other their love is still strong.

Since Evelyn is saving up to keep buying houses for her children she decides to fix the broken plumbing herself. She repains 3 out of the 5 showers.

And all 5 out of 5 toilets.

The next day Adrian doesn't come home again, this time she does her homework in the bathroom at the gym, even though she had a friend come over to her house.

I send Andrew over to Alex's house because I miss him I want to see how they are doing.

Looks like Kasey is not pregnant yet, or if she is she's not showing yet.

What is up with the screen background?

Missing another picture, but all 3 girls were standing out front fighting over who got to talk to Marvin. Adrian saw her fathers ghost and took off running to the backyard... where the graveyard is.

Ainsley shared her first kiss with Marvin.

And asked him to go steady.

Adrian invited over her best friend Owen Lobos over but apparently he has aged into an adult. Will we ever find spouses for the triplets when all they meet at school is girls?

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  1. The triplets are growing up well. I imagine it's going to be hard to pick an heiress.