Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Caroline's Crazy Grandma Chapter 3

The morning after her sleepover was her birthday. Caroline wasn't too excited, she wished for new books but by now she knew better than to get her hopes up.

She ate a bowl of her favourite cereal for breakfast, ignoring her grandmother making fun of her behind her back.

Once it was a decent hour she call her friends and invited them to her birthday. It's very casual and starts at 5pm. She invited her only 3 friends, Mortimer Goth, Emilie Brower & Renee Dickinson.

Emilie was still asleep in her room so she just stayed for the party instead of going home. While waiting for 5pm Caroline finished reading "Where's Bella?"

Then she started reading "Murder in Pleasantview".

Around 3pm she decided to set up for her party. She couldn't afford much but she bought herself a cake and some balloons from the Grocery Store.

Just before 5 Mortimer arrived bring Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches he prepared himself. In fact he was the only one to show up. Emilie was still there and Renee blew them off.

Caroline wished that the last couple years had been a dream and that her parents were still alive. As usual her Grandmother made fun of her for it.

I had a choice for her next trait and chose Ambitious. She accomplished all her childhood goals, I'm counting her A as a success because she was on the honour roll, with a filled progress bar for days and only an A. I googled and looked through the Prima Guide and saw no mention of an A+ so I don't think A+ exists. and +10 for not growing into a bad trait. I think teen years will be harder.

Everyone enjoyed a piece of birthday cake, except Emilie who left as soon as the candles were blown out.

New Outfit.

And a haircut.

She decided to have a small birthday party for her Best Friend Mortimer since he was still there. Considering he was a kid her first day in town he probably would have aged up that night anyhow. Mortimer is Grumpy so he didn't really appreciate the party.

Mortimer is not bad looking really.

That night Caroline slept in her grandmothers bed again because her grandmother had already gone to sleep in her bed. I guess she thought they had traded beds.

As soon as she woke up Caroline called a repair technician, something she had wanted to do almost the entire time she had lived here.

Now that Caroline has grown into a teenager she's starting to feel a little more confident, a little more in control. She can do things for herself and doesn't feel the need to run and get away from her Grandmother's house.

Mortimer came home with her after school, she realized that she was having feelings for Mortimer, feelings that she would like them to be more than friends.

She asked Mortimer if he was single and he said that he was.

She tried complimenting him, flirting with him but Mortimer was indifferent.

They did their homework together before Mortimer left to go home.

Later that night he called to apologize, said he just wasn't in a very good mood. That's not unusual since Motrimer is pretty Grumpy.

Caroline decided that since the money was starting to get a little tight, not something she thought about as a child, she had better get a part time job. She got a job as a Cash Register Specialist at the Bookstore for $30 / hour. She worked M - F from 3 - 6 pm.

When she got home from her job interview she paid the bills and headed to bed.

The next day Caroline went to school, happy that a lot of things were falling into place, everything really except her love life.

Again Mortimer came home with her after school.

Again she tried to kindle something between them, only to be met by indifference.

She didn't have long to dwell on it though, her carpool arrived for her first day at the bookstore.

While she was at work Motrimer stuck around, playing catch with Caroline's grandma.

After work Caroline hoped that Mortimer was in a better mood.

He accepted an amorous hug, but still thought Caroline was "Just Okay". He left straight away after the hug, feeling a little awkward, and Caroline headed to bed.

Caroline got up early to have breakfast the next morning, she had gone to bed so early the night before that she had skipped dinner.

The next day Emilie came home from school with her instead of Mortimer. She had met a new boy at school, she thought he might be a couple years older than her, his name was Brian Barber. She wasn't giving up on Mortimer just yet but Brian had possibility aswell.

She didn't really have time to visit however, she really needed a bath before work.

Unfortunately her bath took so long that she was running late.

She missed her carpool, but quickly caught a cab to work. Her employers were not very impressed.

After work she caught a cab to the school, she had promised to help fix the boiler and tonight was the night it fit best into her schedule.

By the time she left the school her curfew had passed and she was worried the police would pick her up. Thankfully she managed to hail a cab home before that happened.

When she got home she was surprised to see Emilie was still there. Apparently she hung around just long enough to say goodbye. Caroline said goodbye and grabbed a quick dinner of Bread with Jam.

She started her homework but was too tired to rad the words on the page before long.

She had time to finish up her homework the next morning before school thankfully.

She was hoping to see Brian at school but was conflicted as she still had feelings for Mortimer.

When Mortimer came home with her she decided to give it one last chance. 3 strikes you're out sort of thing.

Mortimer made his feelings pretty clear unfortunately.

Caroline left for work with his words still on her mind.

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  1. Yay for Caroline growing up well despite her grandmother. I'm sure she'll only continue to succeed now that she can do things for herself. It's too bad that Mortimer doesn't seem interested her though. Maybe he'll change his mind eventually. Or maybe you don't want him to ;)