Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Seager Legacy 1.6

When we last left off Alex was trying to decide between Kasey Cormier his childhood babysitter & Noel Thigpen his childhood friend.

We start this episode with disaster. Jon's bladder is not what is used to be and he lost control of his bodily functions while cooking pancakes. He was so disappointed in himself that he forgot about the pancakes and they lit on fire. Thankfully Abby is an inner Fire-fighter and put it out.

Alex decided at this point that he wanted to get a part time job. Since he also wanted to visit the spa I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone.

Alex got a job as a Spa Receptionist... and a Manicure.

Evelyn got promoted to Grunt and earned enough Lifetime Happiness to get a Food Replicator.

Apparently you don't make it work by beating on it with a hammer. Took me forever + google to figure it out though. So frustrating.

Evelyn got so tired trying to take care of her 3 grown kids and 3 toddlers that she passed out. I'm pretty sure Adrian is thinking "Payback".

Alex and Abby both brought home cute girls from School. This is Reisa Barger.

This one is Edith Henderson.

Soon it was time for the triplets birthdays. They grew up badly, they did not learn a single skill between them and I'm ok with that. First up is Ariel.

Ariel is Hydrophobic. A Clumsy Hydrophobic Virtuoso.

After her makeover. I forgot to mention before that Ariel likes Classical Music, Pancakes & the colour White.

Next up is Adrian.

Adrian is Evil. Not surprising after the satisfied look on her face when her mother passed out. An Evil Heavy Sleeper who Loves the Outdoors.

After her Makeover. Adrian also loves Classical Music, Mac 'n' Cheese & the colour Blue.

We interrupt the celebration to show you why Abby is missing the birthdays... she's doing homework on the floor of the Gym Bathroom.

Last but not least.. Ainsley

Who is super-impressed with birthdays. Ainsley is Absent-Minded. A Good Absent-Minded Virtuoso.

After her Makeover. Ainsley also likes Classical Music, Grilled Salmon & the colour White.

All the kids left for school together the next morning but only 3 showed up on the bus.

Adrian brought home this girl, Yvonne Simovitch, who at such a young age has a bad dye job & horrible root re-growth. Just had to mention.

While her kids went about their business Evelyn mostly ignored them, preferring to lay in bed reading books for work.

Alex went over to his friends after school. He spent most of the time napping in their backyard.

Abigail inherited her mothers love of exercise. Like her mother if I leave her alone for 1 minute she starts working out.

In case you were all in suspense, Alex picked Kasey.

He immediately rolled up the want to quit his job, presumably to spend more time with Kasey.

Adrian brought home Marvin Boucher. Adrian, though evil, seems to be the social butterfly of the triplets. She quickly learned that he is Athletic. We'll see how he grows up, potential spare spouse maybe?

The next morning was Andrew's birthday.

Andrew Loves the Outdoors. A Friendly Virtuoso Technophobe who Loves the Outdoors.

I decided he had an Emo look about him. So Emo he is.

We call over his childhood good friend Suzanne Shelton, who aged to YA on the way over.

Plan B is the absolutely adorable Edith Henderson.

Jon is really starting to get up there in years. He gives his beloved guitar one last autonomous play.

Before I hand it over to his son to carry on the tradition.

Evelyn got promoted to Squad Leader and gets to wear a fancy hat now.

The girls brought home Jodi Jones, nice girl with unfortunately pre-maturely greying hair. Alex brought home Owen Lobos, who had heard from his brother that this was a legacy and wanted to try to worm his way in.

He tried to endear himself to Adrian, who told him quite bluntly in her evil way, not a chance.

That night Jon's hourglass ran out of sand. He looked rather shocked by it all but he was afterall 91 years old.

His wife and children were devastated.

This is our new graveyard in the back yard, it might get moved once or twice as the estate grows.

Evelyn goes through phases, one minute she's normal, exercising away.

The next she's crying out in heartbreak. The kids are not much better, they keep stopping what they are doing to cry.

Abigail's birthday was approaching, she wanted a birthday party, I decided that the family could use a party so I agreed. She invited everyone they knew.

Including her moms ex-boyfriend Jebidiah Wilson. He was the first to arrive and brought hot dogs.

Most of the party guests mingled, a few danced alone. Abby though spent the entire party dancing with her brothers girlfriend.

Evelyn stood outside re-kindling her relationship with Jebidiah.

Time for cake.

And for turning into a eccentric old woman in a fur coat. Abby is a Great Kisser. Abby is an Evil Daredevil Slob who Loves the Outdoors and is a Great Kisser. She Lifetime Wish is to become the Emperor (Empress?) of Evil. Fitting.

After her Makeover.

Right after the party I sent Abby to get a job as a Decoy at the Outstanding Citizens Warehouse Corp.

Mother and daughter still bond over their love of exercise.

A few days later Evelyn has a healed broken heart and thinks she is ready to love again. She's not a young woman but she has a few good years left in her. She invited Jebidiah over.

She surprises him with a proposal, which he accepts, and acts a little girly over to be honest. They both decide they want a baby of their own. With Evelyn aging fast it's now or never. I honestly agonized over it a little. On one hand I felt bad not letting Jebidiah carry on his genetic line, but ultimately I was done with babies this generation.

Triplet birthday time.

Adrian is a little late to the party.

First to age is Ainsley. Ainsley is a Genius. A Good, Absent-Minded Virtuoso & Genius. I better keep her grades up or I'm going to lose my Family Trait first Generation.

After her Makeover.

Then disaster strikes, apparently someone had been cooking. Absent-Minded Ainsley doesn't even really notice.

Thankfully again Abby the fire-fighter puts out the flames before the fireman gets there. This time instead of congratulating us he fines us $500 for a "False Alarm".

Jon's first ghostly visit, come to celebrate his triplet' birthdays I guess.

Once the fire is out Ariel ages up. Ariel is Ambitious. Clumsy, Ambitious & Hydrophobic Virtuoso. Again I gotta keep an eye on her grades.

After her makeover.

Lastly, Adrian. Adrian is a Workaholic. Evil, Heavy Sleeping Workaholic who Loves the Outdoors.

After her Makeover.

I'm not sure if Jon is jealous maybe? Asserting himself as the husband to Evelyn or just visiting.

Abby invites over her teenhood boyfriend, Ralph Lobos, and proposes.

They immediately tie the knot.

No sooner do they marry than Ralph heads off to the hospital where he works as an Organ Donor. The next morning I send both Ralph and Abigail to City Hall to change their last names to Lobos and using the $12000 Ralph had when they married the couple bough their first very small home and moved out.

I decided I didn't like Abigail as much as the triplets so I will choose between them for heir. I am setting up an heir poll but I will not necessarily go with the chosen sim if my heartstrings tug me another way, its more for curiosity sake.


  1. The kids have turned out pretty well it looks like. That's quite the evil look Abigail was giving the camera before blowing out her candles though. I hope you manage to keep the two girls' grades up enough to be able to pick their last trait to keep the family trait.

  2. ADRIAN. z0mg. She is so pretty. I like droopy eyed women.

  3. Omgsims : If you want me to upload Adrian for you, or anyone else for that matter just let me know.