Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Seager Legacy 1.5

When we last left off Evelyn was in labour for the LAST time.

Since it is her last pregnancy I decided to let her do something I would never do (unless they develop a home epidural kit maybe). Have a home birth. The kids flipped out.

Jon repeatedly tried to drag her to the hospital.

We have achieved pink!

In fact we got triple pink. I asked for choice and choice I got!
Meet Adrian: Loves the Outdoors & Heavy Sleeper, Ariel: Clumsy Virtuoso & Ainsley: Good Virtuoso.

Despite the arrival of his triplet sisters, Andy still got walking lessons.

I wish I could say he learned anything else but with triplets that just didn't happen.

Soon it was Abby's birthday.

She aged into this hideous old-lady costume. She's gained the trait of "Slob". So she's an Evil Daredevil Slob who Loves the Outdoors.

She got a younger makeover.

She just looks evil doesn't she?

Evelyn ignored her daughters birthday in order to play chess.

Evelyn (and Jon) decided they want another baby. I say no way and try to distract them. Here have a newspaper.

Yeah 3 crying babies and you want another one?

How do we deal with it? We hire an adorable babysitter. Kasey Cormier. Alex took to her and kept chatting her up, though I guess I forgot to get a picture.. 3 babies and all.

Andrew is so happy to have his big sister (or anyone for that matter, did I mention 3 babies?) pay attention to him.

Too bad she was only doing it so that she could steal his candy.

After school Abby has a research projects at the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation Soil and Water Research Facility.

The same day Alex had to drop off permission slips for a field trip to City Hall.

Meanwhile Jon was at the 24-Hour Gym trying to make new friends with this trainer for his Charisma skill.

After her research project Abby found a study area in an old abandoned warehouse and set of to "Read something Maniacle" .

Alex sat outside of City Hall doing his homework then reading standing up.

Once Jon got home from the Gym Evelyn ran over to the Llama memorial Stadium to prove she could push herself.

At this point I decided with 8 mouths to feed and a house that needs upgrading, it was time for Evelyn to get her first job. I figured with her Logic & Athletic skills she would excell in the Military and they were happy to have her.

After her first day of work it was time for a triplet birthday.

First up is Adrian

She has her dads colouring, Medium-Brown hair & Grey Eyes.

Next baby to the cake

This is Ainsley

She's got the look of her mom.

Poor little Ariel missed her cake..

She too looks like her mom. You know it's funny, every other family I play gets mixed genetics and recessive genetics but so far not these guys. I guess we'll see what happens in future generations.

Abby decided to do her homework in the Workroom / Triplet room. The boys had moved to a couple of the unfurnished bathrooms. She did her homework so long she stood up and immediately passed out.

Abby would rather eat rotten food than help her sister Adrian.

Jon would rather clean than help his daughter.

Finally we force mom to put the tired baby to bed.

Alex has taken to doing his homework in the bathroom to avoid his siblings.

Jon has started washing dished in the bathroom. Apparently the kitchen is just too dirty.

I decided that since Abby is a teen now we should start planning her future. This is afterall not Sims 2 where townies wait at your beck & call.

She calls over her childhood friend Ralph Lobos, who ages up on the walk over. He's not bad looking and will probably make cute babies.

Their friendship progressed nicely over the course of the evening.

It wasn't long before they shared their first kiss.

And decided to go steady.

The next morning was the boys' birthdays. First up Alex.

Why must kids grow into their parents' hairstyles?

After his makeover, he's so cute I just want to give up my Matriarchy right here. Alex gains the trait Daredevil. He's an Absent-Minded Genius Daredevil who Loves the Outdoors.

Next up is Andrew.

At least it's more hair than Ainsley had aged into.

Andrew is a Technophobe. A Friendly Virtuoso Technophobe.

I figured since love is in the air for Abby why not continue.

He calls over Kasey Cormier, the cute babysitter he was so fond of. He learns that she is Family-Orientated.

And apparently she has morals.

Poor little Ainsley passed out and no one noticed. This family seems capable of caring for 2 kids but there's always one that gets missed.

Jon got promoted to Rock Star and I started forcing him to work constantly. This is his first Stadium Concert.

First day of High School Alex re-visits his childhood friend.

Noel Tigpen aged up quite nicely too. She's Inappropriate and a Light Sleeper.

Jon's concert made enough money to finally put the second floor of the house.

It adds a couple more bedrooms aswell as a hobby room & study.


  1. Ah, triplets. Yeah, I'd have been telling them "no way" too about having any more. Looks like you've managed them fairly well so far. Glad you finally got to give them more room in the house.

  2. You know, I actually love, nay, ADORE, your legacy. I've always thought I just liked legacy stories where there's not as much sanity as there is complete incoherence, farting, silly faces, and things that make me giggle, but your story, with coherence, and actually a real story to it with descriptions and coherence.. idk, I just love it, and I feel like this is my own legacy, I'm totally there. I haven't played a legacy yet. We'll, I am, but not by any rules, and I don't post much, but your story makes me want to start a legacy story.

  3. Ndayeni : Thank you so much for your support of both my stories so far. I hope you continue to enjoy them and I love reading your comments.

    Omgsims : This comment seriously made my day. I was starting to feel a bit like I didn't want to play my sims the last couple days even though tonight is one of the few nights I'll have time to play once baby is in bed since hubby is working. Now I think I will play tonight & hopefully have an update in the next few days.