Monday, August 10, 2009

Seager Legacy 1.4

When we last left off Alexander, Evelyn & Jon's second child, had just aged to toddler.

Alexander's toddlerhood started the same as his sisters with learning to walk.

And at this point I go a little insane. I think to myself, I have Abigail to be the heiress of course, but I really like choice. So let's let them make another girl.

Once Alex gets tired I send Jon off to read a book for work.

Later that night his walking training is completed by Evelyn.

Who then starts of his talking, mostly about his crying sister.

My first ever toddler hiding in a toybox.

For some reason I can't explain every time Evelyn gets the vomit action in her queue she runs outside instead of to a toilet.

When Evelyn woke up she realized she was pregnant with baby number 3, hopefully another daughter.

As with her previous pregnancies Evelyn struggled to keep in shape during her pregnancy.

Soon it was Abigail's birthday.

Our little Abby is now a Daredevil. An Evil Daredevil who Loves the Outdoors.

After her makeover.

It was also Jon's birthday, he celebrated right after work.

Our lovely Jon is now an elder.

Not nearly as attractive as he was as an adult.

The first day of school Abby made a new friend Ingrid Rodiek.

Towards the end of her pregnancy, Evelyn finished teaching Alex to talk.

Abby came home from school and immediately started working on her homework.

Meanwhile her dad serenaded her with some of the new songs he was learning for work.

I periodically have to drag Evelyn away from her exercise to work on her logic, she needs both for her LTW.

After finishing up her homework Abby stood there and continued listening to her dad play the guitar for a little while.

Then joined her mom playing chess, because of her shape sorting as a toddler she started off at a 3 logic.

And Alex just ate is dolly's heads.

Late that night Evelyn went into labour with Baby number 3.

No time even for a shower Evelyn headed to the hospital.

Followed shortly by Jon.

Meet Andrew. Another Spare. He's a Friendly Virtuoso. He likes Pop music, PB&J Sandwiches and Blue. Also what kind of cut-rate hospital doesn't let you take a shower after you give birth?

The stellar babysitter didn't even bother entering the house, just stood outside waiting for her $75 to arrive.

I moved the babies into the workroom. We ran out of room in Abby's bedroom and can't afford a second floor yet.

Since I'm still insane, and would still like a second girl-child to choose from they try again. 8 times and no baby jingle.

Abby brought home Ralph Lobos from school and completely ignored him.

This always makes me shake my head, someone will make food, burn it because Evelyn seriously lacks cooking skill, then complain about being hungry.

She decided on leftover cake instead of her burnt, whatever it was, waffles maybe?

This is Fawn Spence (which is funny to me because Spence is my maiden name and I have a cousin Fawn). Fawn is the best babysitter ever, not only did she ENTER the house, she took care of the kids AND cleaned the entire house. Who needs a maid?

I like how in Sims 3 you can potty train toddlers even if they don't "have to go".

Alexander was potty trained in a few sim-hours.

I didn't have time to get Evelyn to her cake so she aged up in the potty room. I realized that this was probably the reason she couldn't get pregnant the night before, it seems if sims are within a day or 2 of a birthday they can't conceive, stupi when the birthday is YA to A though.

Evelyn as a mature adult, looks like someone is shining a flashlight out her nose in some lighting.

Evelyn immediately congratulates her daughter for making straight As.

Just to prove Andrew is still around here somewhere, also her nose is fine most of the time. I';m glad cause it kid of scared me at first.

So I'm still insane & I still want a choice in heiress so they go at it again. First try, no baby jingle but Jon got a charisma point from it. Second try we get a baby jingle. I hope it's a girl. I still have that hack that prevents the apple = boy & watermelon = girl effect. It also makes the number of babies random instead of dependent on music & TV channels. Either way this is the last baby because 4 is more than enough.

Abby won another Free Ticket to a game so that's how she headed to the Stadium again that Saturday.

This time she didn't run into any of her friends.

Jon got enough Lifetime Points to get the collection helper YAY!

I immediately sent Jon out rock hunting.

First haul was 10 tiny space rocks, 2 large space rocks, a Rainbow Gem, 2 Iron, 5 Silver, 3 Blue Topaz, 1 Yellow Sapphire, 1 Ruby & 1 Diamond. The large rocks were both worth more than they appeared. 1 was originally estimated at $94 and was really Unusual Sporecite worth $159, but the other was originally $134 but was actually Mesosiderite worth $1340. Nice haul.

I had Evelyn send all the gems to be cut, waste of money on some of them but I wanted to get the different cuts unlocked so that we could make the most money by optimizing the cuts.

Abby is pretty impressed by the gems her dad found.

Abby starts showing with baby number 4, and it won't be long before the house fills up, considering it's only a 2 bedroom so far.

It's Alex's birthday.

I get to choose a trait and even though I am randomizing traits I get to choose the Family trait when available so Alex Loves the Outdoors. So now he's an Absent-Minded Genius who Loves The Outdoors.

After his Makeover.

It's also Andrews birthday!

Sparkly baby..

He's a clone of his Mom's colouring. Light Brown hair & hazel eyes.

Jon gets an opportunity to gain charisma by introducing himself to a stranger, Constance Shelley happened to be walking by the Community Garden and was therefore his victim.

He didn't stick around long though, I sent him home to practice his charisma more. This was before I realized you can gain charisma through socializing which I think is awesome.

Alex immediately headed for the chessboard, seems to have inherited his mothers love of the game.

Alex's first day of school he met Lulu Mather, Owen Lobos & Noel Thigpen. He asked to go to noel's house after school.

Evelyn spent her days at home, bored watching cartoons with Andy.

I decided since she couldn't work on Mat Leave she might aswell go pick rocks for us.

Mean Sim-Goddess that I am literally worked the poor heavily pregnant woman until she was starving.

Turns out Noel is a Noelle, she's possible future spouse material. I plan to get the spares married (unless it's against their wishes) before sending them out into the town to do as they will.

She found 1 Palladium, 7 Silver, 5 diamonds, 4 Luminous Gems, 2 Tanzanite, 2 Smokey Quartz, 2 Yellow Sapphires, 1 Emerald, 1 Rainbow Gem, 9 Blue Topaz, 5 Gold, 1 Large Space Rock, 5 Tiny Space Rocks, 2 Rubies, 2 Iron and... 1 Pink Diamond. Because she found one of everything she unlocked the heart cut... $1000 holy crap.

While she was sending off gems to be cut and ores to be smelted she went into labour for the LAST time.


  1. Wow. You really hit the jackpot with finding rocks, though the collection helper does make it much much easier. I haven't really used it to its full potential yet in my game.

  2. The collection helper makes it so simple. I like hat you can pass it from person to person so you can pass it down the generations.