Monday, July 27, 2009

Caroline's Crazy Grandma Chapter 2

Caroline had gone to school that morning knowingit was an important day and it was. When she came home she had an A report card to show for it and wished her parents were there to share in her joy.

She had brought her friend Renee home from school and the 2 girls had immediately set about doing their homework.

After they were finished Renee tried talking to Caroline's grandma. They actually got along quite well. Turns out they are both mean-spirited.

Caroline had leftover Autumn Salad for dinner, her first real food since moving in with her grandma.

Outside Renee was kicking over the trashcan. Must be a mean-spirited thing.

She then came inside and brushed her teeth.

Which promptly broke the sink.

Caroline said goodbye to her friend and picked up the garbage can. Unfortunately there was nothing she could do about the sink, the repair technician just wouldn't listen to a little girl.

She went to bed early, it wasn't too bad living with her grandma. Lonely but not too bad.

Caroline contemplated trying to make friends with her bus driver, just to have an adult she could trust, but thought better of it.

When Caroline got home from school her grandma was acting pretty lucid so she decided to get her to help with her homework assignment.

Caroline's grandmother must have felt she was being too nice by helping with Caroline's homework. Immediatey afterwards she snuck up behind her,

and scared the daylights out of Caroline as she thought about heading to the library.

Even if she wasn't thinking about it before, the scare made her decided that getting out of the house was a good idea.

At the library she ran into another girl from school, a year younger than her, Emilie Brower.

Emelie was nice enough but all she wanted to talk about was the Zorro book she was reading.

She decided to call her best friend to come hang out with her, he said he'd be there in a litytle while.

While she waited she worked a little on her novel, Battle Gnomes.

When Mortimer arrived she hugged him, happy at last to see someone who actually cared about her.

Caroline was not sure what came over her but she had a strange desire to mooch money from Mortimer. He didn't mind and have her $2.

Unfortunately her curfew was soon up and she had to head home.

Caroline was glad her grandmother was asleep by the time she came home.

She ate some canned soup for dinner.

Despite her poor day she slept peacefully that night.

Caroline was more than happy to see the school bus pull up that morning before her grandmother even awoke.

Caroline made the honour rol that day and made sure to do her homework right away even though she had all weekend to finish it.

Caroline was so tired she wanted to go to bed immediately, even though it was only 5pm.

Her grandmother scared her right before she lied down, she has been doing that a lot lately, seems to get a lot of pleasure from it.

Caroline decided to just take a nap instead.

When she woke up she invited her best friend Mortimer over, she wanted to ask him to sleep over once he got there.

Unfortunately he left almost as soon as he got there and she never got the chance to ask him.

Caroline's grandmother made her Mac 'n' Cheese at 10pm, her earliest dinner yet.

After dinner she went to best, she wanted to be well rested for her big plans tomorrow.

Caroline woke up with anticipation, hoping her grandmother wouldn't find a way to ruin her day.

Her grandmother walked in on her in the bath but she wasn't going to let that get her in a bad mood.

Caroline ate a quick breakfast of cereal before heading out.

She rode her bike to Llama Memorial Stadium. Today was the free game she won the ticket for at school.

When she got there she say a small crowd was already starting to gather. She saw her friend Emilie's dad and wondered if Emilie was at the game too.

She saw that her friend Emilie was at the game. They chatted a while after the game, Caroline learned that she is Neat. They quickly became not only friends but Good Friends.

They played tag until it was starting to get dark.

Caroline did something she desperately wanted to do, but was a little afraid to do aswell. She invited her new friend to her house.

Once home she asked Emilie to sleep over, she still wanted a sleepover and it was getting too late to invite Mortimer over. Emilie became her second best friend.

Caroline figured that since she had a friend over, it would be better if they used the big bed, just for the night. However she ended up sleeping alone.

Emilie stayed up talking about her dad...

Brushing her teeth 4 times...

Before she finally got tired.

She finally laid down for a nap at 6:30 am.

Seager Legacy 1.3

When we last left off Evelyn had just exercised herself straight into labour.

Evelyn quickly jumped into a cab and headed to the hospital.

When she arrived the place seemed absolutely deserted.

Once she entered however Carlotta Lobos started flipping out.

She stopped panicking as soon as Jon arrived. Just in time.

Meet our newest Seager, and possible Heiress, Abigail. Abby Loves the Outdoors (pre-assigned handy for me) and randomly rolled Evil. She likes Violet, Classical Music & French Toast.

I must admit I'm a little disturbed at the lack of carseats. I have alerted the police on people for this very same thing.

As soon as they got home from the hospital Jon's carpool arrived. I find it funny that a successful Lead Guitarist gets picked up in a minivan.

Abigail barely cried once, Evelyn fed her a bottle and put her to bed.

And the evil baby slept all night while Mom played chess.

Jon had a difficult decision to make at work that night. Their guitarist had not advanced wit the other members and was dragging the band down. Jon decided to fire him and hire a new drummer. The new drummer was brilliant and Jon got an $18 raise. He decided to celebrate by playing a free concert outside work after he got off.

After he got home he decided to tend to the babies needs before joining his wife in bed. He was not impressed with Abigail's dirty diaper but Abby sure looked pleased with herself.

The morning was quiet, sleepy baby and sleepy husband so Evelyn took the time to catch up on a few household chores.

In the afternoon she worked on her strength training while Jon read a book for work.

Evelyn had noticed their relationship was starting to fall by the wayside and decided to try her hand at cooking a nice dinner for her husband while he studied for work. Autumn Salad was easy enough and they both enjoyed their dinner while the baby slept.

That night they found themselves cuddling in bed like they hadn't done in months.

Jon awoke early and practiced his guitar for a while before Evelyn woke up.

When Evelyn got up she passionately kissed her husband.

Then she dragged him back to bed.

When they got up again Jon made them dinner while Evelyn worked on her logic. Because of the new baby and Jon's night job they tended to be night owls. They usually woke up as the sun was setting and went to bed shortly after it rose again.

If I leave Evelyn alone at all she does this. I don't really mind unless I needed her to do something else.

Despite being evil Abigail was really a terrific sim-baby. I think she only cried once, her parents were usually autonomously right on top of her needs and she just slept while they skilled.

Soon it was her birthday though. Jon brought her to the cake. Evelyn cheered her little lungs out.

Abigail grew up with curly brown hair, diaper and running shoes.

A change of outfit was in order. Colouring-wise she is a clone of her mom. Mom's light brown hair and hazel eyes.

Evelyn immediately set about teaching her young daughter to walk. She wanted to get her skilling over at the beginning of toddlerhood as she suspected the end of toddlerhood she might be a little busy.

Meanwhile, Jon was watching the wedding channel, perhaps yearning for the big wedding they didn't have, or more likely thanking the sim-gods he didn't have to drop that kind of cash on a wedding.

I decided his time would be better spent working on his guitar skill.

It was about this time that Evelyn discovered they were expecting their second child. She hoped it was the boy Jon had been dreaming of since her last pregnancy.

She put her tired daughter to bed,

and helped herself to a piece of birthday cake.

She still had morning sickness into her second trimester which often clogged the toilet. Thankfully she was handy enough to fix it herself without calling a repair technician.

That night Jon was promoted to Pop Icon.

He now rode around town in a big black tour bus. Who needs a cab?

Evelyn fed her daughter before continuing on with her walking lessons.

It wasn't long before Abigail mastered it.

After mastering walking, Evelyn decided to start working in Abby's vocabulary. She knew mama and dada but the rest of her conversations were babble.

They didn't work on potty training seriously yet, Abigail was still a little young, but it never hurt to introduce the idea if they caught her in time.

Here's where my game glitched and I learnt an important lesson. Jon woke up and autonomously decided to recycle the paper. I thought awesome and watched to see if he recycled them all or just one. But he got to the doorway and stood in the doorway spinning his plumbob for 12+ hours. I tried Xing the command, I tried giving him other commands, commanding Evelyn to interact with him and finally move objects to get him out of the doorways. Nothing worked. I snapped this picture in case he was gone forever and did what worked in the sims 2.I deleted him, saved and reloaded the family from the main screen. Jon appeared on the family picture but was gone from my house and sim bar. I freaked out for a minute and then exited without saving swapped in the backup save and all was fixed. I had saved right before they went to sleep so I only lost a few sim-hours of nothing happening. I've been watching him very closely ever since but he seems fine now.

As with her first pregnancy, this pregnancy didn't stop her exercising one bit.

Evelyn decided to redecorate the mater bedroom in her and Jon's favourite colours. Hot Pink and Spice Brown, which happen to look quite nice together.

While she was at it she decorated the nursery in Abigail's favourite colour, violet.

Family skilling time.

At this point I remembered that in addition to guitar skill, Jon needed charisma to get his LTW and sent him off to talk to the mirror.

I love the toddler interations with the toybox. I haven't had one hide inside yet but i'm looking forward to it.

Abigail learned to talk fairly quickly and Evelyn decided it was time to start potty training.

Their first honest try though Evelyn goes into labour.

Evelyn and Jon called a babysitter for Abigail and headed off to the hospital.

Meet Alexander Seager, assigned Absent-minded and Genius. He likes Electronica, Sushi and Aqua.

A giant crowd had gathered while they were in the hospital. Jon saw one of his friends and bandmates, Yuri Ivanov.

He decided to stick around and chat with Yuri before meeting his wife back at home.

Back at home the babysitter stood outside the entire time and still took his $75 pay.

The birth of their son really brought jon & Evelyn's relationship back together.

They like to cuddle on the couch and watch Abby play while Alex sleeps in his crib.

For the first time in a while Evelyn woke up before Jon.

She took Abby to the potty and it finally stuck. Abby had learned all her toddler skills.

When Jon woke up he decided to autonomously clean the toilet. Even after what happened last time, who am I to stop a man autonomously cleaning?

I would like to point out that this is what my livingroom looks like too, thanks to my almost-toddler daughter.

Time flies with sleepy babies and it was soon time for Alexander's birthday. Mom brought him to the cake.

He actually grew into a cute outfit, I just changed his shirt colour and added shoes. Hair needed to be fixed though.

Like Abby is a clone of her mom, Alex is a clone of his dad. Medium brown hair and grey eyes.