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Seager Legacy 1.2

Here we are back with another episode. Any comments, advice etc totally welcome.

The poll won out with Jon Lessen being the sperm donor spouse to supply us with Generation 2. Now would be as good as a time as any to mention that I am mostly following Aaroc's Legacy Rules but I tend to not keep score, I might try it out for this one. For labeling purposes I count Generation 2 as when the heir is chosen at young adulthood. I'm going to try for a Family Trait of "Loves The Outdoors", Randomize Traits, and Matriarchy. On with the show...

Evelyn knew after their first kiss that Jon was the one for her, as much as she wanted to run right over to Jon's house before he left for work and tell him so, she knew she had something she needed to do first.

Unfortunately Jedidiah was at work and wouldn't be home until the middle of the night.

She ran next door to see if she could catch Jon before he left but she had just missed him as well.

Begrudgingly she decided to spend the evening at her own "home" across the street.

She checked the local paper but other than recent sports scores it was empty. As empty as her lot.

Before heading to bed she visited the public restroom at the Community Gardens. She wondered briefly why Marisol Lobos had her twins out so late but thought better than to ask. Carlotta Lobos struck up a conversation but Evelyn excused herself to go home to bed.

After a quick apple for breakfast she called Jedediah to invite him over.

He tried to beg out as he was still sleeping after working a late shift, but Evelyn insisted they needed to talk, it was important.

While she awaited Jedidiah's arrival (from across the street) she spent a few minutes considering her surroundings. She found it fascinating that a new newspaper arrived every morning.
authors note: She got a positive moodlet for "fascinating object".

Jedidiah looked a little concerned as he reached to hold Evelyns hands.

Evelyn decided not to beat around the bush and explained that she had met someone else, someone she could see herself spending the rest of her life with.

Jedidiah didn't take it very well even though Evelyn had tried to be gentle. Evelyn wanted to talk about it, to explain herself further.

Jedidiah said he couldn't stay because he had to get back to work. Evelyn felt sorry that she had lost a friend.

In need of some cheering up she decided to ask Jon to meet her at Riverwalk Park.

Once again Jon had arrived before Evelyn and was just pulling out his guitar to practice when her cab pulled up.

Evelyn walked slowly so she could listen to him play a bit more before she got to him.

Jon greeted her warmly and with his kiss encouraged her to do what she had come here for.

She asked Jon to go steady and he very readily agreed. He agreed so quickly in fact that she was uerged to o one step further.

She asked him to marry her. Jon was surprised but delighted and immediately said yes and hugged his new fiance.

Evelyn couldn't help herself. She immediately started planning the huge wedding of her dreams. Her 5 sisters would be bridesmaids, her 2 brothers could be groomsmen along with Jons bandmates. Job just sort of glazed over as she droned on and on.

Since they were engaged, Evelyn decided it was about time she invite Jon to her place and break the news that she's a Legacy Founder.
"How bad could it be?" Jon asked.

Evelyn was nervous and strangely silent as they drove Jon's sports car to her empty lot.

Jon was absolutely stunned. He expected small but not a double bed on an enormous empty plot of land.

Evelyn was sure that her engagement would now be over. Surely this was too much to ask of Jon. Sell your new mansion and move to her empty lot.

She was surprised when Jon kissed her and said that they could make it work. Most of the value of his $400,000 mansion would go back to the mortgage company but he would have a little left over to start building their dream home.

Evelyn decided to celebrate her engagement by trying out her double bed for it's proper use.

This time she was trying for a baby rather than preventing one. She knew Jon was true to his word and they would start their dream home soon.

She really did love this man and couldn't wait to have his children.

When she saw how lovingly Jon looked at her after they made love, all her dreams of a big family wedding at the Gazebo flew right out the window.

They had a small private wedding right there on the lawn. And so they start their lives together right here.
Jon Seager is a great kisser, artistic & charismatic virtuoso, not to mention a hopeless romantic. He likes Indie Music, Tri-tip Steak & Spice Brown. He's a lead guitarist and will become an elder in just 13 days. His Lifetime Wish is Golden Tongue and Golden Fingers. He has a ways to go with 7 Guitar and 1 Charisma. He brought 20,000 (of his house worth 412,712) and they received 2119 in gifts and tax benefits. In his pockets were 3 books, 2 guitars his car and a newspaper.

True to his word Jon quickly built phase 1 of their dream home. It was very plainly decorated and even more sparsely furnished. The structure itself was far from finished but they had 10 generations to work on it and build it, and the grounds, up to their full glory. For now it would do.

After their quickie marriage they each decided to work on their skills a little. Since Jon needed guitar for both his work and his LTW he headed down to DogWood Playland. Evelyn headed to the gym to see what kind of exercise equipment they had in addition to the showers.

The only audience Jon got was some of the Broke kids. They tipped him $28 but it must have been counterfeit since it didn't satisfy his wish to earn $25 in tips.

Shortly after he'd started playing his good friend and bandmember Yuri Ivanov called.

He couldn't wait to announce his wedding to Evelyn. Yuri was not terribly surprised after already enduring several days of Jon talking of nothing else.

Meanwhile, despite being athletic, Evelyn was deciding that exercise was a lot more fun in theory than in practice.

Tha happy could settled right into married life as they spent their first night both as a married couple and under their new roof.

Unfortunately for Evelyn it was cut short by several trip to the washroom.

Jon made her his specialty, Macaroni and Cheese, but poor Evelyn couldn't keep anything down.

She was quite good about cleaning up after herself. I don't think she wanted her husband to know how hard this was on her. Also, Jon sings in the shower.

Soon came the day where her regular clothes no longer fit properly and she couldn't deny her expanding waistline.

She immediately announced the pregnancy to Jon who was delighted.

These guys are so cute, constantly flirting and hugging and kissing. Jon is constantly thinking of his wife.

Jon asked his wifeto go on a date, before her belly got so big that she didn't want to go out. Evelyn asked where they were going but Jpn said it was a surprise.

Evelyn was dubious when they arrived at the old Victorian house. She had seen so many people come and go when they were visiting Riverwalk Park that she had convinced herself it was a House of Ill repute. Why would her husband take her here?

Once inside Evelyn saw that it was actually an art gallery. She was happy her husband had brought her here.

They looked at a few exhibits, bother impressed by the globe and chair before Jon decided to make a few extra bucks by busking in the lobby.

Evelyn was exhausted from the pregnancy and walking around the museum and excused herself to go home. Once there she checked the mail and found a bill for $1303. With their bank account sitting at just over $950 she hoped Job would make enough money at work before the repo man showed up.

The next morning Evelyn had a strange desire to find a rock. While jogging around the feild behind her hom she was lucky enough to come across 3 tiny space rocks. Upon first glance they appeared to be worth 17, 19 and 24 dollars. Though on closer inspection two were Howardite, very common worth only 11 ad 13 dollars but one was Holmberic worth $43. She quickly sold all 3 rocks and set off to see what else she might find.

Further down the feild she found a butterfly, or rather it found her by landing on her nose. She decided to save it until the next time she was near the Science Centre so she could donate it to science.

Then she got a bright idea of how she could earn some quick cash.

She still had some produce from the Community Garden and she decided to harvest everything she could once again.

She quickly took the fresh produce to the market and sold it for $574.

She quickly paid the bills when she arrived home, they were already past due though thankfully not at final notices.

All the jogging around town had made Evelyn pretty sweaty. Unfortunately she found that their shower had broken and since she had to save money to buy a crib she tried her hand at fixing it herself. It took her a little while but she got it fixed and had a nice hot shower.

Jon got in pretty late from his Museum gig to find his wife already fast asleep. He grasbbed a bite to eat, a quick shower and joined her.

Evelyn had noticed her belly was getting in the way of everything and it couldn't be much longer before her baby arrived.

She had a craving for her husbands Macaroni & Cheese and lucky for her there were still leftovers in the fridge.

Her husband woke up and started serenading her while she ate her lunch. He had been using his psychadelic guitar ever since the wedding when he had given Evelyn the leopard print guitar she'd first seen him play. He'd promised to teach her to play soon.

The new crib and toy they'd bought arrived during the night. All in lovely neutrals since they don't know if the baby is a boy or a girl. Jon hopes for a boy but Evelyn is just happy to be having a baby.

authors note: I have a hack in that negates the apple/watermelon affects so that gender is random like in real life.

Jon couldn't wait for his baby to be born and kept telling him or her about the bear he lovingly picked out.

Evelyn popped in one of her prenatal yoga dvds in the machine to kill some time.

That's when it happened.

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  1. Woot, baby on the way already. I think Evelyn chose well in choosing her husband. It's a pity she had to hurt Jebediah, but Jon and she were clearly meant for one another.