Monday, July 20, 2009

Seager Legacy 1.1

I'm still setting up my new computer so these images are untouched & no cover photo this time. Hopefully things will get better in the future of this legacy. I tried out a few sims before I found a story with this one. I'm not very good at remembering to take photos, but hopefully I can keep it up. This is Evelyn Seager. She is actually the daughter of my test sim Ava Segar and Stiles McGraw over in Sunset Valley, uploaded and recently transplanted to Riverview for a little break from her now 7 brothers and sisters. If you'd like to download her or any of my other sims they are located here .

Evelyn Seager is a young adult, she likes long walks on the beach classical music, grilled cheese sandwiches and hot pink. She's a hopelessly romantic, ambitious and athletic genius who loves the outdoors. Her goal in life is to have a perfect mind and perfect body.

authors note: Incidentally all her traits were randomly assigned except hopeless romantic, which I chose when I aged her from teen to Young Adult in CAS.

Like all Legacy Founders Evelyn found herself with an expansive empty lot and not a lot of money. Being the hopeless romantic she is she figured it wouldn't be long before a handsome fellow swept her off her feet, what's the point of building anything or getting a job? She ordered a bed to sleep in and went out, not bothering to await it's arrival.

It didn't take her long to realize she lived in a nice neighbourhood and set off to find out if she had any single neighbours.
author note: I'm ignoring the "you can't marry rich sims" rule because even rich sims bring almost nothing with them.

First house on her block belonged to a gentleman named Jebidiah Wilson.

Jebidiah was not a bad looking sim, looked like he could use a woman's care. Turns out Evelyn was right, Jebidiah was single and rich.

After chatting just a few minutes, Evelyn learned that Jebidiah was a workaholic and worked in Medicine. Evelyn quickly figured out the way to his heart was through complimenting his hard work.

Evelyn flirted with Jebidiah until she could tell that he was eating out of the palm of her hand then she moved in...

For their first kiss. Evelyns first kiss ever in fact. You wouldn't know it to look at her but Evelyn was more studious than boy-chaser in high school. She left the boy-chasing to her sisters Lillian and Melissa.

It was probably for this very reason that Evelyn asked Jebidiah to go steady right then and there, to her surprise he accepted!

Evelyn soon found herself in a precarious position.

But she told herself that she really cared for this handsome doctor, though not engaged they were commited to each other. Thankfully she insisted on protection, she didn't need to be raising babies on her empty lot.

After their lovemaking Jebidiah fell asleep and rather than stay Evelyn decided to continue meeting her neighbours.

Nextdoor to The Wilson Household was the Lessen household.

The door was answered by a beautiful male specimen named Jon Lessen. Jon too was rich & single and suddenly Evelyn was a little sorry she had jumped the gun with Jebidiah.

Jebidiah Who?
In their chatting Evelyn learnt that Jon was also a Hopeless Romantic, he worked in the music industry and was a Charasmatic Virtuoso.

The conversation never got flirty before Evelyn's hunger got the better of her and she helped herself to the bowl of soup Jon was just sitting down to when she had rung his bell.

Jon didn't mind her eating his soup but as it was after midnight he thought she should probably head home. Across the street.

When she got home she saw the delivery company had just dumped her new bed on the lawn, though since all she had was lawn it would have to do. Other people might mind sleeping outside but Evelyn loves the outdoors so she enjoyed it immensely.

Evelyn woke up absolutely starving. The soup at Jons had staved off her hunger but not for long.

She grabbed one of the towns free cabs and headed over to the community garden she had heard her realtor mention when she bought the lot. Conveniently located between her house and the public gym.

Evelyn took note of the public washrooms available at all hours and the serene surroundings of the park.

First thing she noticed upon entering the garden was juicy red tomatoes that immediately set her mouth watering.

She took no notice of the other people at the park and immediately helped herself to the delicious fruit.

The tomato tasted as good as she thought it would. It curbed her hunger a little but would not stave off the hunger pangs for long.

Since no one seemed to mind that she picked the tomatoes she helped herself to the rest of the available produce. She ended up with 3 tomatoes (including the one she ate), 4 onions, 2 lettuce, 6 bell peppers and 4 limes.

Harvesting was hard work and by the end of it she could hardly stand the smell of herself.

She took a cab to the public gym because she knew they would have showers available.

As the hot water rushed over her body she thought about Jebidiah and Jon, trying to decide who she wanted to go visit more.

As it turned out neither of them were at home so she decided to continue introducing herself to her neighbours. At the Shallow Household the door was answered by a teenager, Dallas Shallow. "Damn" Evelyn thought, " Teenager at home most likely means a wie and mother at home aswell."

Like his other neighbours, Dallas too was rich. She followed the teen inside, dubious of the eligible menfolks she might find inside.

To her delight she met Kurt Shallow, rich and single.

Evelyn knew Kurt was old enough to be her father, but he was handsome and young looking for his age.

A few minutes later Kurts son, Tom, arrived home and he was a spitting image of his father only younger. Unfortunately Tom told her he was married to June and was insulted she even asked.

Evelyn decided that with the son being a bust (and the teenager jailbait) she would seek out the father again. After much chatting (in the washroom) she learned that Kurt was unemployed and yet rich. Mysterious.

She gossiped about how defensive Tom was about not being single. It was almost like he was hiding something, a torrid affair perhaps?

Soon, as tends to happen with a romantic sim, the friendly chatter turned to flirting. Like Jebediah before him Kurt was soon putty in her hands.

It wasn't long before they too shared their first kiss. Even as she enjoyed the kiss Evelyn could feel her stomache begin to ache.

Kurts daughter-in-law, June, wasn't much of a cook. To be honest Evelyn had no idea what she was eating, but she didn't care it filled the void.

As with Jon the night before, once she was fed she found herself sent home, just after midnight.

Evelyn liked her outdoor bed and might actually miss it when her future husband built them a house.

Come morning Evelyn was glad she remembered there were public washrooms at the Community Garden.

While there she noticed a lot of ready to harvest fruits and vegetables. She still had no kitchen so community supplied raw vegan food was her friend.

She quickly filled her pockets with 6 tomatoes, 6 lettuce, 4 bell peppers, 4 limes, 3 watermelon and 4 apples.

Just as she finished picking the last apple her phone rang. It was Jon Lessen, he enjoyed how their conversation was going the other day and wanted to see her again. She told him she would call him back shortly.

While chatting on the phone she nearly tripped over an unknown seed. She decided to put it in her pocket to make sure no one else hurt themselves.

She quickly ate one of her mini watermelons before heading to the gym for her morning shower.

While in the shower she was daydreaming about seeing Jon again. She thought she would just invite him to her place but suddenly became self-conscious and didn'tr want him to know that the empty lot, with just a bed, was hers.

When she got out of the shower she called Jon and asked him to meet her at the Dogland Play Park.

He was already there when she arrived, just opening his morning paper.

He greeted her warmly and she realized that absense really does make the heart grow fonder.

They shared a sweet first kiss before Jon said he had to be somewhere and left. She learned that Jon is Great Kisser.

Evelyn decided she might aswell finish her quest to meet all her immediate neighbours. Would she be 4 times lucky?

Evelyn could see that despite being rich, and quite possibly nice, Walter Grisby was simply not Legacy Material.


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